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Exemplifies honesty, dedication and compassion

Ms. Carmina Tessitore guided me through this most painful emotional life changing event with warmth and compassion. When I would feel scared or hopeless in my attempt to end my marriage of 36 years, she was able to restore my confidence that an older woman with no personal assets could have a fair resolution and begin an independent life. It was imperative that I divorce a very difficult man and she developed a professional strategy that allowed me to retain my last shred of dignity without resorting to personal attacks or trying to win what is fair through fault finding and mudslinging. How wise she is because my formally loving husband decided that he would design the divorce that way. I asked Carmina to take the high road and she immediately agreed. Her skills were evident by demonstrating that honesty was key in the courtroom. As a result, the final terms of the divorce were highly favorable for me and reacting by not attacking him actually imploded his strategy. I will never look back with regret and I can hold my head up high. Believe me; this is the attorney who can handle the spouse with the anger issues and she exposed the hostility without ever suggesting that it is obviously there. The trial was far from easy, but she was loving and kind to me throughout the bombardment of challenges he designed to hurt me. I was never worried and we were successful. I highly recommend Carmina and I couldn’t have done this end of an era without her. I’m living my new life and it’s a good life.