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Divorce Attorney

Carmina Tessitore is one of a kind. Knows the law inside out. She came as a lifesaver and rescued me in my case. She eased my worries, anxieties in my case. I could sleep in peace at night knowing she’s handling my case. She’s prompt in her response, excellent in advice, and superb in the courtroom. Thanks to her I’m peacefully divorced. My case was a custody case that was very complicated and she nicely piece by piece resolved it. Even the judge praised her for the way she fought for me and my little girl. She’s an attorney with beauty and brains. Her advice and handling of the case gave me SO much courage and if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to have a favorable outcome. I would recommend her to everyone- she resolves even the most complex court filings in your favor. She is one honest attorney who works really hard for you – day or night. She fought for my custody really hard. Love you for ALL that you did Carmina! She is a true asset.