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For most people, divorce represents a shock to their accustomed way of life; most divorced people are worse off financially than they were during their marriage. Under Connecticut law, assets must be divided in a fair and equitable way. Lifestyle habits during a marriage are taken into account when fixing a settlement. Since the biggest asset of most couples, their home, is illiquid unless sold, most divorce settlements where there is uneven income distribution in a couple require the moneyed partner to pay some amount of alimony.

Income that provided for a married couple and perhaps their children must now stretch to provide for the maintenance of two separate domiciles; optimally, both domiciles should be suitable for housing children as permanent residences or during visitations. Many divorced people take on new intimate companions; indeed, affairs are one of the leading causes of divorce. When your ex-partner cohabits with another person who has children, it may be even more difficult to collect alimony and child support payments, as your ex-spouse may be under pressure to dedicate his or her entire paycheck to the new family.

In their hurry to get a divorce, people may agree to unsustainable levels of alimony; others may settle for much less than is fair and equitable, leaving them bereft of financial means during the emotionally traumatizing post-divorce years.

As is the case with most things involving substantial amounts of money, the question of alimony can be a highly charged one. To help you arrive at a settlement that will allow you to maintain your financial footing after divorce, you should get legal advice from a qualified attorney.

Shelton-based “Super Lawyer” Carmina Tessitore, one of Connecticut’s leading divorce and family law attorneys, has helped scores of clients navigate through contentious divorce battles to reach settlements they could live with. If you live in Fairfield County, in or near Bridgeport, Westport, Stamford or Danbury, and you are a party to a divorce suit, the wisest move you can make is to consult her for advice on how to proceed with your case. If she agrees to be your advocate, you can rest assured that she will devote herself heart and soul to winning your case. For many of her clients, she has gained acceptable alimony arrangements prior to reaching the trial stage.

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