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Even after a divorce decree is finalized, changes in the financial, marital or civic status of either party, or the needs of the minor children, may make it compelling to revisit the orders of the court.

Alimony and child support awards are generally time-limited, but the loss of a job, loss of a business or an investment, may make payment of these obligations at their current rate unfair or impossibly burdensome long before the deadline set by the Court expires. Legal considerations or even completely unexpected circumstances, such as one spouse being convicted of a serious crime, might make it an urgent matter to revisit custody and visitation arrangements post judgment. The modification process is available to parties in need of changes to their prior orders.

The general requirement to modify a court order is the broad category of meeting the test of “substantial change in circumstances.” This can be a daunting burden to prove or disprove. That is why your best chance of achieving the result you want is to hire a lawyer who knows how to navigate the nuances of divorce and family law and the modification process through the court system.

Shelton-based attorney Carmina (Tessitore) Hirsch is a featured author in A Practical Guide to Divorce in Connecticut (updated edition released in 2018) and published in Connecticut Lawyer Magazine. Her legal prowess in the areas of family and divorce law is recognized by her clients and peers and reflected in the numerous awards and accolades she’s received over the years.

Carmina can help you make the best case to the Court for modifying your divorce decree, whether by reducing or terminating alimony payments due to changes in the marital or financial status of you or your ex-spouse; by changing burdensome restrictions on your visitation rights; or by delineating clearer terms in a parenting plan that was too vague and isn’t working.

If you live in Milford, New Haven, Waterbury, Bridgeport, Westport, Danbury or Monroe, or any of the nearby upper Fairfield County or New Haven County cities within those jurisdictions, your path to pursuing your rights and remedies through modification is only minutes away. Attorney Carmina (Tessitore) Hirsch advocates for her clients reasonable goals and assists clients in presenting the best arguments to the judge in order to resolve an untenable situation in your favor.

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