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Benefits of Using Mediation for Corporate Disputes in Westport CT

Corporate disputes in Westport Connecticut can take on many forms. They may be legal issues between shareholders, directors, investors or employees. In some cases, they are caused by disputes between competitors. Regardless of the identity of the parties, many corporate disputes in Westport Connecticut can be helped through mediation.

Mediation is a non-adversarial alternative to litigation. Rather than having the parties battle out their differences in a court room, mediation seeks to help the parties cooperate together until they discover a solution. A neutral mediator is used to help bridge communication gaps and to help translate information between the parties in a positive manner that focuses on seeking a resolution. The mediator often funnels offers and counter-offers between the parties until they reach a positive settlement of the case.

One of the distinct advantages of mediation is that the parties are often able to understand each other’s positions better. They can usually discover where the communication breakdown occurred. This often allows the parties to communicate more effectively so that they can maintain a business relationship. Even if the parties are competitors, a positive experience of this nature may forge a new partnership between them or a licensing deal.

Another advantage of mediation is that it helps save the parties from considerable time and resources that would be expended on a trial. In the business world, waiting years for a resolution can spell financial ruin, distressed situations or a negative impact on a commercial reputation. Mediation avoids these negatives in favor of a more amicable process.

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