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Benefits of Using a Mediator When Negotiating a Prenuptial Agreement in Shelton CT

Contract Signing ConceptA prenuptial agreement in Shelton Connecticut can be a powerful tool in the event that a couple divorces.  Couples that consider the reality that a large number of marriages end in divorce despite the best efforts of the spouses can ensure that a solid prenuptial agreement in Shelton Connecticut lays out important information regarding property rights and other important issues.

The higher-earning spouse or spouse who has more assets prior to the marriage may hire out a lawyer who prepares a completely one-sided agreement.  The agreement likely states that all income earned during the marriage is his or her client’s to possess and control.  Additionally, the agreement may state that alimony will not be paid, regardless of the length or circumstances of the marriage.  The other spouse often feels that he or she only has the choice of signing the agreement or not getting married.  This leaves feelings of hurt and resentment to linger long after the signing of the agreement.  Even if this spouse hires an attorney, the situation is uncomfortable as the parties become adversaries possibly days before their planned nuptials.

A mediated prenup is often a better alternative.  By working together, rather than apart, the parties can plainly discuss their interests and consider possible ways that these interests can be met.  Mediation focuses on positive communication and collaboration.  This process often helps the parties begin their marriage from a place of mutual respect and compassion.

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