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Can Corporate Disputes in Bridgeport CT Be Mediated?

Corporate disputes in Bridgeport CT result in many complex, contentious and protracted lawsuits in Connecticut courts.  Corporate disputes in Bridgeport CT can occur between providers of capital, directors, managers, employees, and stakeholders.  Consequently, it is not unusual for corporate disputes to involve multiple parties.  So the question is, can these types of disputes be mediated?

The answer is yes, since just about any dispute can be mediated as long as the parties involved are committed to the mediation process to resolve their dispute.  Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and non-adversarial out-of-court proceeding that uses the skills of a neutral mediator who facilities open and productive negotiation communications between the mediating parties, helping them reach a mutually satisfactory settlement agreement without having to litigate in court.

Mediation has the advantages of generally being less expensive and time consuming than a traditional lawsuit, not to mention less adversarial.  Typically, the cost of mediation is shared among the mediating parties.  Some mediating parties choose to hire lawyers to advise them during the mediation sessions, although mediation does not require legal representation.

Additionally, disputes resolved through mediation have a very high settlement  and adherence rate.  As a matter of fact, mediation works so well to help resolve corporate disputes, that many corporate contracts contain mandatory mediation provisions, putting the dispute resolution framework in place at the beginning of the contracting parties’ relationship, and not just when a conflict arises.  Corporate disputes are settled through mediation because of the identification of a common interest – the wish to preserve the professional relationship and to achieve agreed upon goals.

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