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Privacy and Your Divorce

Privacy and Your Divorce   Marriage and divorce are very public events broadcasting issues of a very private nature. While we welcome friends and family to celebrate our marriage vows, we don’t necessarily want them peering behind the curtains around the bed or interfering in our day-to-day life decisions. By the same token, divorce requires […]

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Isn’t Collaborative Divorce an Oxymoron?

“Collaborative Family Law” began in 1991 as an effort by lawyers in Minnesota to devise a more family-friendly divorce procedure. While it has some of the negative aspects of “binding arbitration,” a process whereby companies get employees to agree to forgo litigation in case of a dispute, there are situations where couples prefer the security […]

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Divorce Mediation or Trial?

Divorce Mediation or Trial?   Can I postpone my decision about whether to choose mediation or trial? Can I change my mind later? As divorce mediation becomes ever more popular, misunderstandings abound over what distinguishes a mediation from a formal court proceeding. This is partly due to the fact that many state laws allow anyone […]

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