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A Bad Marriage May Potentially Harm Children More Than Divorce

The impacts of a toxic marriage extend far beyond their influence on the couple.  When a set of parents fights and argues constantly, such behavior has a detrimental effect on their children.  Children of all ages are incredibly receptive to conflict, and parents often fail to realize how much a negative relationship shapes their children’s […]

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When You Mediate Your Divorce You Begin With The End In Mind

Most individuals dread the thought of going to court.  If you are involved in divorce litigation in Connecticut, you have probably been informed that, if you and your spouse cannot resolve the issues in your case, you will have to go to trial and a Judge will decide them for you.  The judge may issue […]

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6 Mistakes People Make During a Divorce

Understandably, some couples are angry and hurt as they file for divorce.  Unfortunately, many individuals become blinded by their emotions, and make irrational decisions during this time that can damage their case.  If you are going through a divorce in Connecticut, keep these tips in mind. Listen to your attorney.  Your attorney’s job is to […]

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