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Child Custody Mediation in Shelton CT FAQ

Group Of Diverse Kids Or ChildrenChild custody mediation in Shelton Connecticut is still a relatively new concept.  Many families mistakenly believe that a court battle is the only way to make decisions regarding child custody mediation in Shelton Connecticut.  Mediation is an effective alternative.  Some of the common questions surrounding this process include:

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a non-adversarial process in which two or more parties embroiled in a legal dispute sit down in a cooperative setting.  A professional mediator helps facilitate communication by using conflict resolution skills.  He or she funnels information between the parties until an agreement can ultimately be reached between the parties.

Why Use Mediation?

Mediation is often much faster and more affordable than litigation.  It is also a more peaceful alternative and allows the parties to retain their power to make decisions about their own children.

If I Don’t Get Along with the Other Party, Can Mediation Really Help?

Many parties mistakenly believe that mediation will not work for them because they do not have a good relationship with the other party.  However, mediation can work ideally in this situation.  Many mediation sessions are conducted in which the parties spend very little time together in the same room.

The parties’ sessions can be divided into caucuses where the mediator brings information back and forth to the parties and works on reaching each issue term for agreement until a solution is reached.  Mediators are also trained in peacefully resolving conflicts and are accustomed to helping parties communicate even when they have experienced problems with this in the past.

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