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Collaborative Law in Milford CT in Divorce Cases

Businesswoman arguing with co-worker in officeCollaborative law in Milford CT can be used in any number of cases.  The focus of collaborative law in Milford CT is to have the parties work together toward reaching a solution instead of approaching the case from adversarial positions.  Likewise, the lawyers who are retained in collaborative law cases are focused on helping the parties to reach an agreement rather than to litigate their case.  Employing this method in divorce cases often helps the parties work through such problems as:

Property Division

The parties may not initially agree on how their property should be divided.  One of the most emotionally-laden questions on this topic is what should happen to the marital property.  Parties and their legal representatives may work together to help lay out possible options.  Experts may be consulted to provide information about the value of different assets and the tax implications of certain decisions.

Spousal or Child Support

The parties may also consider whether spousal or child support should be provided and in what amount.  Financial advisers may assist with this process to work up a pre- and post-divorce budget.  The parties may also agree to make certain changes in their lifestyles to provide more financial comfort.  When considering child support, the parties may go over records to show the expenses related to children, including childcare, education expenses, healthcare expenses and extracurricular activities.

Child Custody Decisions

An important aspect of collaborative law in divorce matters is determining how to make decisions related to child custody.  In many cases, parents may be able to have joint custody so that they both can have as much access to the children as possible.  Even if one parent takes on the primary caregiver role, the other parent can still have ample opportunity to remain an important aspect in his or her child’s life.

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