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Common Employee Disputes in Westport CT

Employee disputes in Westport Connecticut can occur for any number of reasons. However, these types of disputes can be very detrimental to employers who may suffer from a tarnished reputation if the allegations are believed. Employee disputes in Westport Connecticut may wind up in state or federal court. Often, they make their way to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Some of the most common employee disputes include:

Discrimination Claims

If an applicant was not hired or an employee was passed over for promotion, a discrimination claim may arise. For such a claim to be valid, the discrimination must be based on a protected status, such as religion, race, color, nationality, sex, age or disability. In some cases, employers may have policies that do not intend to be discriminatory but that have a disproportionate effect on members of a protected class.

Harassment Claims

Harassment claims arise when a person feels singled out due to a particular characteristic. Although sexual harassment is a common claim, harassment can target an individual for his or her race, sex, color, nationality or other characteristic. In some cases, the person complaining of the harassment does not have to be the actual target of the inappropriate conduct or statements.

Wrongful Termination Claims

Employees who feel that they were terminated for an illegal reason or because they reported illegal conduct of their employer may decide to bring forth a wrongful termination claim.

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