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Divorce Mediator in Shelton CT Clears Up Misunderstandings

Divorce,fight,problems - Young couple angry at each other sittinA divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut is often able to help parties embroiled in a battle to reach a peaceful resolution of their case.  However, before a divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut can be successful, he or she must usually educate the parties on the mediation process and clear up misunderstandings.

Mediation DOES NOT Give One Party Power Over the Other

An experienced mediator pays careful attention to any seeming power imbalances between the couple.  He or she employs conflict resolution techniques to address any such imbalances.  Likewise, mediation is an impartial process that does not have any intrinsic favor for one gender over the other.

Mediation DOES NOT Mean I Won’t Get What I Want

Some people are afraid to mediate because they think that they will have to compromise too much.  However, mediation often allows the parties to walk away with a better agreement than they would have had by litigating the case.  Additionally, if a party is not satisfied with a proposal in mediation, he or she does not have to agree to it.

Mediation DOES NOT Mean I Can’t Have a Lawyer Involved

The parties can still be represented by their own attorney during the mediation process, and even in mediation session.  Lawyers serve a pivotal role in mediation.  They can explain their client’s rights to them privately throughout the process and discuss possible options.  They can also negotiate on their client’s behalf.  Lawyers who support mediation and who understand its role in the process can provide a tremendous benefit to mediation.

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