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Figuring Out School Breaks With Child Custody Mediation in Shelton CT

It is hard enough to come up with a regular plan for child custody and parenting access.  However,  school breaks, especially those around the holidays, can add a whole new level of complexity in negotiations.  Parents can use child custody mediation in Shelton Connecticut as a tool to assist them in figuring out what is the best choice for their family when it comes to school breaks, including school holidays and vacation.

School breaks have the potential of being a contentious part of any child custody negotiation because, understandably, both parents want to spend as much time with their kids over school breaks as possible.  When using child custody mediation, parents can negotiate how to handle school breaks in a way that recognizes that they are outside the normal custody arrangement.

When it comes to holidays, the parents can make a decision on what will work best for their family, both for holidays and for days that have special meaning, such as birthdays.

When parents work together in child custody mediation, they can come up with a plan on how to deal with holidays and school breaks well before those dates come up during the year, so to avert any issues later, and your kids will feel better about the plan knowing their parents put them first and had their best interest in mind when creating it.

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