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Figuring out What to Do With the Family Home With Westport Divorce Mediation

For most couples, the family home is the largest asset in the marital estate.  What happens to the house can become the source of lengthy and heated debate, often leading to significant litigation, when a couple is going through the divorce process.  There are many factors that go into dividing up assets, like the family home, that make it wise for a couple in the midst of a divorce to go through Westport divorce mediation to try to solve the problem of what to do with the home.

The financial value of the family home is only one of the factors necessary in determining whether it should be kept by one spouse versus the other.  Other factors, such as being located in the minor children’s school district, mean that there is also ‘emotional value’ in a house that should be considered.

This ‘emotional value’ is often overlooked in litigation, yet something that should be given weight as is the financial value in discussing the best options going forward.  As an alternative to litigation, Westport divorce mediation provides a forum for the divorcing couple to discuss everything relevant to the family home and make a plan that makes sense for the entire family.

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