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Finding a Good Divorce Mediator in Shelton CT

Mediation is a non-adversarial process which involves the assistance of a neutral third-party, the mediator, who works to reduce conflict and hostility between divorcing couples by facilitating and imparting respectful and open communication skills onto and between the parties to reach points of resolution for each item and issue that needs to be addressed. Before you hire a divorce mediator in Shelton CT, you should know what qualities make a good mediator in order to get the best results possible from your divorce mediation.

A good divorce mediator should have specific training and experience with divorce mediation.  Divorce mediation training and real world practice is crucial for a successful mediation outcome. A mental health counseling, social work, or legal background in family law is a plus. It should go without saying that strong conflict management as well as interpersonal skills are also necessary to move disputes forward toward a resolution. Do not hesitate to ask about a mediator’s education, training, background and experience during the initial consultation.

A good mediator should also be fair, impartial, and compassionate. A good mediator encourages an attitude of cooperation and trust between the parties, allowing both parties to exchange their points of view and express their feelings associated with ending the marriage in a safe, neutral, and confidential environment.  Most importantly, a good mediator will have genuine concern for both you and your family’s long-term well-being that should be felt as a first impression immediately upon meeting your prospective divorce mediator, so trust your gut instincts when deciding which divorce mediator in Shelton CT is right for you.

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