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Four Do’s and Don’t’s for a Successful Divorce Mediation in Shelton CT

Recognizing its ability to make the divorce process more affordable and less contentious, many parties are taking part in divorce mediation in Shelton Connecticut.  This process relies on both parties entering into it in good faith.  Couples are more likely to have a successful divorce mediation in Shelton Connecticut if they follow these steps:

Learn about Mediation

If you have never taken part in mediation before, you might not know what to expect.  Educate yourself on the process.  Realize that the mediator does not represent either party and cannot offer legal advice.  However, mediators can tell you what they think about the strength of your particular request and how courts have ruled on cases involving similar issues.

Have Realistic Expectations

Remember that either party can walk away from mediation and pursue litigation instead.  Therefore, you should not go into mediation with unrealistic expectations, believing that the other side has to agree to all your preferred terms.


Even if communication was a problem during the marriage, it is important that you fully engage in the process.  You may need to vent during the process, and talking to the mediator during a private session can help you freely express yourself without antagonizing your spouse.

Make an Opening Offer

Sometimes in mediation, the parties hesitate to make an opening offer.  However, making this offer can help you get the ball rolling and get the negotiations started.  The mediator can funnel offers back and forth until the parties reach an agreeable solution.

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