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Shana tova!

Shana tova! Fall is a time of renewed energy and new beginnings: the first day of school; the opening of the concert season; the first kickoff of the football season; the MLB playoffs and World Series; the moon festival; and the new year that begins with Rosh Hashanah. Time to harvest your apples and pumpkins […]

Science Sells!

Science Sells! The Covid-19 pandemic, which has already infected one in eight Americans, and has killed between 650,000 and a million people in the United States, shows no signs of abating, even in the face of all-out public health efforts to promote reasonable prophylactic measures such as hand washing, mask wearing, and vaccinations. Not surprisingly, […]

Retired Husband Syndrome

Retired Husband Syndrome According to a Psychology Today article published in August 2021, divorce rates among people over 50 have doubled since 1990. In Japan, where this phenomenon is known as the “retired husband syndrome,” the number of so-called “gray divorces” has quadrupled over the last two decades. Among other age cohorts, both marriage rates […]