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Welcome Back?

Welcome Back? Just seven or eight months ago new COVID-19 infections seemed to be spiraling out of control with thousands of people testing positive each day. Thanks to an impressive vaccination push that featured free drinks and lottery winnings, the United States has the armor to fight back against this global pandemic, Connecticut has now […]

Lifetime Alimony

Lifetime Alimony Over the last ten years or so, so-called “men’s rights activists” have increasingly focused their wrath on the divorce courts. Men who claim they were unfairly accused of spousal abuse, child abuse, financial improprieties and other serious torts by wives trying to gain unfair advantages in divorce and child custody battles have climbed […]


FreeBritney! Britney Spears’ biggest hit was “Oops, I Did It Again!” Her recidivist personal and financial turpitudes spurred her father to file for conservatorship as a means of exerting control over her behavior and her bank account. Thirteen years into that arrangement, Britney and some of her most ardent fans are crying foul. “Free Britney!” […]