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Zoom Divorce?

Zoom Divorce?   As more people become comfortable working from home, the Zoom app has become a feature of daily life in Connecticut. With the family courts closed for all but matters deemed essential, such as restraining orders, there has been rampant speculation that Zoomor other virtual divorce options may be coming to a courthouse […]

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Divorce Court Can Be A Horror Show

Divorce Court Can Be A Horror Show   Divorce court is not for the weak of heart. Most divorces entail some measure of acrimony, but some are human tragedies that put soap opera writers to shame. It is not often that a husband divorces his wife in order to marry her daughter, as Woody Allen […]

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The Coming Divorce Rush

The Coming Divorce Rush   As Chinese cities begin to relax confinement rules, divorce rates are skyrocketing. The most common explanation for this in the media is that quarantines and stay-at-home rules often had the effect of killing whatever residual affection there was between many spouses whose marriages were on the rocks. As America beings […]

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