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No More Mr. Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy Many people think they are getting along great with their spouses, while the spouses feel they are targets of abuse, blackmail, and worse. It is impossible even for a long-time member of a happily-married couple to see the world exactly as his or her spouse does. Divorce is often the […]

International Issues in Divorce

International Issues in Divorce Sorting out divorce settlements is difficult enough when both spouses live in the same country and are both American citizens or permanent residents. When one spouse lives or moves overseas, jurisdictional issues may greatly complicate the process of reaching and enforcing an agreement. Fairfield County is home to a number of […]

Horse Trading

Horse Trading

Horse Trading In the climactic scene of Richard III, the beleaguered king offers to trade his kingdom for a horse. Desperate times call for desperate measures. When your marriage turns out to have been a bad bargain, whether the fault falls on you or your spouse, you may be tempted to sign away your child […]