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Give Peace a Chance—Divorce Mediation in Shelton, Connecticut (CT)

Give Peace a Chance—Divorce Mediation in Shelton, Connecticut (CT)


In the days before television, divorce was a scandalous and fairly extraordinary event. Divorce trials often led the news, since they made for salacious headlines that sold newspapers.

In a world where weapons have become so powerful that they could destroy the planet in little more than the time it takes to read a few of these blog posts, battles are equally taking place not just in the trenches and deserts, but in the offices and conference rooms of state departments, the United Nations Security Council chamber, and at peace conferences in Paris, Versailles or Geneva.

Had we allowed the Korean War or the Vietnam War or the Cold War to be a no-holds-barred fight to the bitter end, cockroaches, slime molds and radioactive bacteria might now make up the bulk of the world population.

As with the hot and cold wars of the 20th century, the bitter tabloid divorce trials of our grandparents have been increasingly supplanted first by business-like courtroom proceedings, where more attention is given to financial accounting statements than to lurid allegations of infidelity; and more recently by alternative dispute resolution services like mediation, where couples settle their differences more or less amicably, under the experienced prodding of a licensed attorney, retired judge, or other mediation specialist, in a confidential setting.

Hirsch Legal, LLC offers the full gamut of legal counsel and mediation services. We will advocate on your behalf; and/or we can help you negotiate a settlement with an opponent who is not necessarily your enemy, but with whom you may continue to share a special bond of shared experiences, friendship, business ties and/or child-rearing responsibilities into the future.

Successful mediation usually requires more than relatively amicable or businesslike relations between the parties. Since a settlement often requires approval by a Connecticut judge, failure to be aware of or to comply with critical aspects of the law may result in several false starts, or even end up in a classic burn-it-all-down battle between your respective legal eagles.

Good lawyers recognize that the legal profession is a service business. It is important not only to keep up with the latest iterations of Connecticut divorce and family law, but also to match our menu of legal services with the changing needs of society including alternative dispute resolution options.

However you choose to approach your divorce, you will find no better or more sympathetic a listener and counselor than Carmina Hirsch, our principal attorney, who has been recognized for years by her peers as one of the top rated attorneys in the state for family and divorce issues.

From our offices in Shelton, we serve clients in New Haven and throughout Fairfield County. If you live in Danbury, Bridgeport, Milford, Westport, Waterbury or Stamford and are considering divorce, reach out to us today!

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