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What Happens in Child Custody Mediation in Shelton CT?

Group Of Diverse Kids Or ChildrenChild custody mediation in Shelton Connecticut uses the valuable resource of a trained neutral third party to help them resolve legal issues related to their children.  It is important that parents have a strong understanding of the concept of child custody mediation in Shelton Connecticut before their session.

During mediation, the parents have the opportunity to communicate information about what each one of them respectively believes is important for their children.  The parents have the objective goal of trying to determine what is best for the children and how the parents can make these desires become realities.  In this manner, the parents move away from any grievances that they have toward each other and focus instead on how they can act in the best interest of their children.  At the same time, the parents move away from the win-lose scenario that litigation is often defined by and embrace finding a mutually acceptable solution.

The mediator and the parties may make suggestions about possible solutions.  This often takes the form of a brainstorming session in which the parties and the mediator throw out as many ideas as possible without rejecting any outright.

At the end of mediation, the parties have often come to an agreement.  The mediator usually drafts an agreement based on the parties’ negotiations.  This agreement is later taken to court to become an official order by the court.  Because the parties entered into this agreement voluntarily, the parties are generally more likely to follow through with it and will not require enforcement or further proceedings.

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