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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!


2019 has been an outstanding year for Hirsch Legal, LLC. As we move toward the New Year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients, families, friends, and colleagues and to reflect on the year just ending.

In a business like ours, while not every day goes exactly the way we want, nonetheless our batting average with the Connecticut family courts continues to climb as we keep expanding our roster of satisfied clients and upgrading our menu of legal services.

Divorce may be the final act of a marriage, but we have been proud to see many phoenixes rise from the ashes of high-stakes divorce.  Thanks at least in part to settlements we helped to broker, we’ve seen clients start anew and grow successful businesses, send their children to top universities, start new families, and enjoy comfortable retirements.

This past year has seen tremendous growth in our mediation practice. While traditional divorce and litigation proceedings continue to constitute the bulk of our legal work, we are gratified that so many couples have entrusted us with managing their settlement negotiations and helping them reach mutually-agreeable divorce settlements, often with considerably less expenditure of time and money than is normally involved when the courts set the schedule.

Hirsch Legal, LLC is proud to be part of the very dynamic and vibrant communities of New Haven and Fairfield Counties, and we are happy to give back to our neighbors through our charitable contributions, event sponsorships, and mentoring of young persons and legal professionals interested in divorce and family law.

While we often meet people who feel that they are at the nadir of their personal lives, it has been our delightful experience that things usually get better for most of the people we have served. We hope this will be the case for all of you in 2020!

Hirsch Legal LLC serves clients in New Haven and throughout Fairfield County (Shelton, Danbury, Westport, Bridgeport, Stamford, Waterbury, Milford, etc.). We focus on divorce and family law, including custody matters and post-judgment matters. We hope to help you thrive in 2020 and beyond by serving your best interests in your legal matter.

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We serve clients in Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony, Same Sex Marriage, Divorce, Mediation, Modification, Contempt.

Serving Ansonia, Milford, Waterbury, Bridgeport, Fairfield, New Haven, Stamford, Connecticut.



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