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Help Negotiating from a Family Law Attorney in Shelton CT

bigstock-132667163A family law attorney in Shelton CT fights for his or her client’s best interests.  In some cases, this is through litigation when the parties are unable to reach a compromise.  However, in most cases, a family law attorney in Shelton CTtries to resolve the matter through providing for the client’s best interests through mediation or through negotiations with the other side.  A family law attorney may provide the following guidance:

Start with Things You Will Likely Agree On

Whether the divorce is concerning assets of significant value or child custody, start somewhere that is not fraught with friction.  For example, if both parties agree to take on the debt that is in their own name, start there.  If both parties want the children to remain in the same school district, start there when negotiating a parenting plan.  Agreeing on certain topics early on sets the tone for the entire discussion and very often an agreement on one topic leads to agreements on other topics.

Be Creative

When making negotiations, it can be easy to see things from only one point of view.  However, this perspective only provides for the consideration of limited options.  There are often many arrangements that parties can make when they are not relying on a Judge to impose an order.  For example, the parties may agree to allow one parent to remain in the marital residence until the children reach a certain age and then sell the property.  The parties may agree to a standard visitation arrangement but provide for unfettered access through various technological means.

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