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How a Divorce Mediator in Shelton CT can Quell the Flames during Divorce

Divorce is not known for being a peaceful process.  However, parties are more often turning to a divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut to help them sever their entanglement with each other in as amicable a manner as possible.  A divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut can help the parties reach an agreement out of court and often in highly contentious cases.  Mediators assist with the divorce process by:

Offering Enormous Benefits

Mediation can often better serve the parties’ interests more than contentious litigation.  It is more affordable as it may help the parties resolve all of their issues in one day.  Fees are usually split between the parties.  Additionally, mediation is usually conducted in a private office, not in a public courtroom.  What is shared during mediation is kept confidential and can’t be brought up in court.  Mediation is also much less stressful than litigation.  Mediation cases are often resolved much more quickly than cases on the litigation track.

Better Relationship

Because mediation is based on the parties working together to craft a resolution to their case, the spouses can usually have a better relationship than they would have had through a lengthy trial.  This is incredibly important if the parties are parents who must co-parent together.  Mediators assist the divorcing parties by listening to each side, offering a neutral view and channeling messages back in a more agreeable fashion.  The parties can also create an agreement that is tailored to their particular needs and their children’s needs, making the process much more harmonious and the transition after divorce much smoother.

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