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How Divorce Mediation in Shelton CT Can Help with Holiday Scheduling

Man Hand writing Mediation with marker on transparent wipe boardFor many divorced couples, one of the major downsides to divorce is having to split up holidays and abandon traditions that were once cherished.  This makes what should be joyful times turn into a source of bitterness and frustration.  Fortunately, divorce mediation in Shelton Connecticut can address these holiday dilemmas.  By following these general guidelines, divorce mediation in Shelton Connecticut may be able to inspire an agreement that best serves both the children and the parents.

Focus on the Kids

During stressful times, it can be easy to lose focus.  Remember that decisions reached in mediation should benefit the children.  Even if the holidays won’t be fun for you this year, still consider ways to make them fun for the kids and a source of positive memories.

Integrate Family Traditions

Simply because the parents are no longer together does not mean that all family traditions must be forgotten.  A child’s favorite breakfast can still be prepared around the holiday, a parent can read a good night story, and kids can still make or purchase gifts for loved ones (even your former spouse, which is a positive gesture and example on your part for your kids).

Make a Plan

Even with the most amicable of exes, last-minute changes at the holidays can be a source of contention.  It is important to have a clear plan in place well before any affected holidays and to stick with the plan (understanding some flexibility may be needed) to develop consistency and a routine for the children.

Be Willing to Compromise

You are most likely not going to get everything that you want.  You may lose a holiday one year and will not get to celebrate it again until the following year.  Consider ways that you can adapt, such as celebrating the holiday the weekend before or after.

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