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How Your Divorce Mediator in Shelton CT Can Assist With Marital Debts

Many people think about how they wish to divide up the marital estate in a divorce.  What many people do not want to deal with is how to deal with debts that were accrued during the marriage.  With a divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut, you can work with your spouse to come up with a plan on how to pay off marital debts.  Your divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut can guide you through dividing up marital debts in a way that everyone will feel comfortable with and will stick with.

Marital debts, such as unsecured credit card debt, or secured debt such as a mortgage, can belong to both spouses and often build up over the course of a marriage.  However, dividing it up has the potential to put parties at odds with each other – we often see spouses blaming one or the other for the balance, even combing through past statements trying to determine which amounts each should be responsible for.  It can be a costly, stressful, and litigated issue ultimately necessitating a Judge to make a determination on at trial, versus the parties resolving it themselves.

By using the assistance of adivorce mediator in Shelton, a couple can reach an agreement that takes into account many factors when it comes to dividing up marital debt.  Looking at the issue in a rational way, and taking into consideration the alternatives to making those decisions themselves, most parties find that the task of dividing up the debt of the marriage is a little more bearable.

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