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“I’m Outta Here!”

“I’m Outta Here!”


Teenagers and young adults break up often and easily, then quickly form new relationships. Once we’re married all that bed-hopping and hooking up has to stop. Or does it?

It is an open secret that some spouses are unfaithful, whether physically or emotionally, at some point in their marriages. Some people move quickly past these episodes and emerge with a stronger marriage; others simply accept that their marriage is fatally flawed but think they have no better alternatives for the moment than to keep plugging away.

Even with all the best intentions in the world, marriage cannot magically transform the character of another. Some people just can’t resist temptations and absolutely don’t care what happens to others around them when the opportunity for a sexual dalliance arises.  Others feel pushed to look for sexual or emotional relationships outside the marriage because their spouse has effectively cut them off from love and affection inside the marriage.

Whatever the reasons for infidelity, lawyers don’t judge. Whether you are considered the bad egg or the good egg in your social circle is of no account in terms of your right to sound legal advice in the delicate matter of dissolving your matrimonial relationship.

A lawyer has no use for gossip. It is our job to maintain the dignity and confidentiality of our clients, who are entitled to make their life choices according to their own sense of their best interests. Once you have decided on a course of action, our job is to help you reach a fair and equitable settlement, and to ensure that your children’s interests are properly considered. In the event a settlement cannot be reached, then our job is to advocate for you at trial to explain the true breakdown of the marriage.

Hirsch Legal LLC is recognized as one of Fairfield County’s top divorce and family law firms. Our Shelton headquarters is a short drive away from most of Connecticut’s major urban centers. Whether you live in Danbury, New Haven, Milford, Westport, Bridgeport or Stamford, your first choice of divorce attorney should be Attorney Carmina Hirsch. She has been named a “Super Lawyer Connecticut Rising Star” for five consecutive years and published in both the 1st and 2nd Editions of the book “A Practical Guide to Divorce in Connecticut.  Contact her today.

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