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Why It’s Important to Use a Mediator for Legal Separation in Shelton CT

Legal separation in Shelton CT serves as an important stepping stone for many spouses. Sometimes spouses are not quite ready to go through the divorce process. They may need time to think about what they want. They may want to go through a trial phase to see how things work when they are apart. Legal separation in Shelton CT allows the spouses to officially separate legal ties without the finality that divorce renders.  Legal separation varies from divorce in a few key ways, one of which is that the parties are not free to remarry once the action is finalized.

Much of the potential success of this separation depends on whether mediation services are used.

Using a mediator to help with the process of legal separation can set the right tone for the couple’s relationship going forward. A mediator establishes ground rules that require the parties to treat each other with respect. He or she employs communication techniques that ensure that the parties have a chance to express their opinion, divulge their interests, understand the other side’s perspective and feel heard. This process often allows the parties to use these techniques going forward so that they have a template in place if conflict arises in the future.

Additionally, mediation gives the parties the opportunity to create an agreement that is based on their particular needs and circumstances. They can include provisions that are important to them even if they are not part of a traditional court order. This allows them to walk away with a clear agreement that they helped create, making it more likely that the spouses will abide by it.

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