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International Issues in Divorce

International Issues in Divorce

Sorting out divorce settlements is difficult enough when both spouses live in the same country and are both American citizens or permanent residents. When one spouse lives or moves overseas, jurisdictional issues may greatly complicate the process of reaching and enforcing an agreement.

Fairfield County is home to a number of major international manufacturing corporations and investment firms. Given the international reach of Yale University, there is a significant presence of overseas scholars and researchers living in New Haven.

Even when both spouses are natural-born American citizens, the ubiquity of offshore investments, ownership of investment and real property abroad, and the increased popularity of working outside the country due to enhanced Internet access and exciting employment opportunities abroad; combine to create a situation in which divorce trials are increasingly complicated by international issues.

As Connecticut becomes increasingly diverse, divorce lawyers are called on more and more frequently to navigate the murky waters of exchange rates, visa status, religious norms and foreign property ownership and tax laws in order to reach fair settlements for their clients.

If your divorce involves a language barrier or a foreign asset portfolio as a complicating factor, you need a top-notch, culturally sensitive lawyer who can securely grasp such issues and convey your position to the Court in a persuasive and winning way.

Attorney Carmina Hirsch has handled numerous complex divorces and custody battles in which international factors played an important role. If this is the case with your divorce, don’t hesitate to call Hirsch Legal, LLC.

Hirsch Legal, LLC, based in Shelton, CT, serves clients in New Haven and upper Fairfield counties. If you live in New Haven, Bridgeport, Danbury or Milford, our Shelton offices are just a short drive away.

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