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Why Lawyers Do Not Make Idle Threats

Why Lawyers Do Not Make Idle Threats


I don’t really want to divorce my wife, I just want to scare her. Can a lawyer help me do that?

When it comes to how you want to live your life, you are in charge. The essential job of an attorney is to provide legal advice that will help you defend your rights when you are under a legal threat or help you prevail in court if you are initiating an action against another party.

Generally speaking, lawyers want no part of a frivolous lawsuit.

If you want your wife to stop drinking, or to abandon a secret love affair, or to stop nagging you about mowing the lawn, you could consider hiring a life coach or a psychologist to help you deal with life’s common problems. Save making an appointment with a lawyer for when you need legal assistance.

Lawyers do not make idle threats. Any legal documents you want to send to your spouse (or anyone else) must be grounded in solid facts, illuminated by a precise knowledge of laws applicable to a particular situation.

Whether you need legal advice on how to prepare for divorce or on how to stay within the law when trying to stave off a divorce, Hirsch Legal, LLC stands ready to advise you on steps you can take (within the bounds of law) to achieve your desired ends.

Not every consultation leads to a case that a prospective client will take all the way to Court. We often advise clients on how to be proactive in insulating themselves from legal exposure, whether by providing advice on what a divorce settlement might look like if a marital situation continues to worsen, or by suggesting strategies to forestall issues that may be in opposition to your best interests.

There is no one better qualified than Attorney Carmina Hirsch, a perennial “Super-Lawyer” as judged by her peers in the legal community, to advise you on divorce and child custody matters arising under the jurisdiction of Connecticut courts. If you live in Fairfield County or New Haven county, contact her today, she’s serves clients in Bridgeport, Westport, Danbury, Stamford and other urban centers in Fairfield and New Haven County.

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