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Handling Residential Disputes in Westport CT Over Property Lines With Mediation

There are some neighbors that cannot reach an agreement about residential disputes in Westport Connecticut such as a boundary disputes, forcing them into a lengthy legal battle.  The result could be expensive and not lead to an outcome that works for everyone.  Through using mediation to handle residential disputes in Westport Connecticut, such as property line disputes, […]

Figuring out What to Do With the Family Home With Westport Divorce Mediation

For most couples, the family home is the largest asset in the marital estate.  What happens to the house can become the source of lengthy and heated debate, often leading to significant litigation, when a couple is going through the divorce process.  There are many factors that go into dividing up assets, like the family […]

Mediating Employee Disputes in Bridgeport CT

Employee disputes in Bridgeport CT may arise from claims made under various state and federal employment laws.  Employee disputes in Bridgeport CT result in a significant number of lawsuits, and Connecticut employees may file claims against their employers in state or federal court, or through agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  However, employment […]