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Can Corporate Disputes in Bridgeport CT Be Mediated?

Corporate disputes in Bridgeport CT result in many complex, contentious and protracted lawsuits in Connecticut courts.  Corporate disputes in Bridgeport CT can occur between providers of capital, directors, managers, employees, and stakeholders.  Consequently, it is not unusual for corporate disputes to involve multiple parties.  So the question is, can these types of disputes be mediated? […]

Westport Divorce Mediation Assistance

Sadly, almost half of all first marriages and more than half of all second marriages in the US will end in divorce.  While there is little evidence that current divorce statistics will change, there are alternatives to a long, drawn-out messy divorce court proceeding.  Westport divorce mediation is available to divorcing couples wanting to find […]

Figuring Out School Breaks With Child Custody Mediation in Shelton CT

It is hard enough to come up with a regular plan for child custody and parenting access.  However,  school breaks, especially those around the holidays, can add a whole new level of complexity in negotiations.  Parents can use child custody mediation in Shelton Connecticut as a tool to assist them in figuring out what is […]