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Minimizing the Financial Impact of Divorce with the Help of a Divorce Mediator

Let's Work Together Chalk IllustrationDivorce spurs significant financial changes.  A one-income household may have to adapt to become dependent on two separate incomes.  Expenses are also likely to increase when two incomes must now support two households instead of one.  Additionally, divorce can have a significant impact on your credit.  A divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut can take steps to help parties who are grappling with the financial implications of divorce.  A divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut can help parties reach an agreement about how to handle the different financial aspects of divorce.

A divorce mediator does not provide legal advice to either party since he or she acts as a neutral.  However, he or she can explain how the law works so that the parties have a more realistic idea about their situation.  He or she can explain factors that courts consider when determining whether to award spousal support and in what amount.  Additionally, he or she can provide an objective opinion about how the court would rule in the particular case.  Being aware of this information can provide a powerful incentive for spouses to negotiate their own terms of their divorce.

Additionally, parties can work on addressing their particular interests, such as being able to stay within a post-divorce budget or saving money for their children’s college education.  Once they have aligned their interests in this fashion, they may be able to discover ways to make it work rather than spending more money battling out the issues in court through litigation.

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