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Potential Outcomes of Milford Divorce Mediation

Time to Talk wooden sign with a beach on backgroundMilford divorce mediation seeks to get divorcing parties out of the typical adversarial position and strives to get them on the same team.  While every divorce is different, some of the benefits that you may be able to receive from Milford divorce mediation include:

A Better Settlement Agreement

Mediation focuses on using strong communication techniques in order to bring about a mutually-beneficial agreement.  When the parties are angry, bitter, jealous or otherwise inflicted with negative emotions, they may lash out by using their lawyers to aggressively fight over every detail in the divorce, costing a lot of time and money.  Mediators listen to the parties’ frustrations in private sessions so that they have the ability to vent in a safe confidential space.  This often allows the parties to move past their anger and focus on what they really want to come out of the divorce with.

A Better Relationship

While some parties may get a divorce and never see each other again, many other couples must remain in touch or at least be civil with each other for various reasons.  They may work at the same workplace, travel in the same social circles, work at a family business, or be parents to their children.  While litigation often intensifies negative emotions, mediation can help the parties reframe their relationship.  Mediation often helps teach the parties new ways to communicate that helps them improve their relationship and dealings with each other.

More Harmony

When spouses mediate their divorce agreement, they are often able to have a less acrimonious divorce than individuals litigating their divorce issues.  This allows the parties to move on from the divorce and start the next chapter of their life on stable footing so that they can look toward the future instead of the past.

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