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Your Privacy Is Protected By Attorney-Client Privilege (Fairfield County Attorney)

Your Privacy Is Protected By Attorney-Client Privilege (Fairfield County Attorney)


Your Privacy Is Protected By Attorney-Client Privilege (Fairfield County Attorney)

“I see the attorney-client relationship as an arm’s length relationship. I pay the bills, and I don’t want to deal with annoying questions about my personal and financial life.”

At its heart, the legal process is a search for truth. This is no less true in a divorce proceeding than in a murder trial. Your lawyer cannot represent you effectively if the only information she has about your case is what she can glean or infer from databases like LexisNexis and google.

A lawyer’s most important asset is her integrity. No lawyer likes to be blindsided in the courtroom when a client’s representations to her are shown to be untruthful.

At Hirsch Legal, LLC, we expect our clients to take an active role in working with us as a team in order to prepare an effective case strategy. That includes complete candor. Hiding or misrepresenting important material facts may be sufficient grounds for terminating representation. Whatever the uncomfortable truth may be, your privacy is fully protected by attorney-client privilege. Your lawyer’s job is to advocate for you before the Court, she cannot do that if you don’t disclose all the good and all the bad

In court, including pleadings submitted to the Court, your lawyer is serving as your representative and advocate. Every pertinent fact that you know must be disclosed and properly explained to your attorney in order to ensure effective representation. Paternity disputes, instances of infidelity, hidden assets, allegations of child abuse, and many similar topics must be disclosed and dealt with between you and your lawyer – a lawyer’s nightmare is when they are “surprised” with information presented by an opposing party that a client did not disclose.

Lying to your lawyer sets you up for disaster. Only by knowing the good and the bad can your attorney prepare in advance how to best protect your interests and work to achieve your reasonable goals.

The process of seeking a divorce is a difficult one under any circumstance, but especially when inappropriate conduct has occurred leading to the breakdown of the marriage. You can count on Hirsch Legal, LLC to handle your case with discretion and integrity, but your success depends as much on your candor and transparency as on our advising you of Connecticut divorce and family law.

Attorney Carmina K. Hirsch, Esq. (formerly Tessitore), is recognized as one of Connecticut’s leading divorce attorneys. We are based in Shelton, Connecticut, within convenient driving distance from Fairfield County’s largest cities: Stamford Westport, Bridgeport and Danbury.

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