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Reasons to Consider Divorce Mediation in Westport CT

If you are seeking a divorce, you may want to consider divorce mediation in Westport Connecticut.  In Connecticut, divorcing couples with children who are unable to reach agreements on parenting access or child custody and visitation matters, are required to attempt working out a resolution via meeting with family relations personnel at each family law court before a family law court Judge will hear their issue at motion hearings or trial.   However, even without children, there are numerous reasons you may want to give divorce mediation in Westport Connecticut a try.

When going through the divorce process, issues related to property distribution, including assets and debts, alimony, child support, and other matters must be addressed before judgment can enter.  Either parties resolve these items and incorporate same into a separation agreement, or the issues will be resolved after a trial.  The court system, which is adversarial in nature, can sometimes increase the acrimony between parties rather than deflate it.  Divorce mediation, on the other hand, is a non-adversarial method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  Divorcing couples who want to minimize conflict and reduce the costs associated with ending their marriage, should look into divorce mediation services.

With the assistance of a neutral third party mediator fostering communication between the divorcing couple, the parties can address all items necessary to “uncouple” themselves from each other with the goal of reaching a resolution that is satisfactory for both parties.  The mediationprocess promotes an environment of cooperation and understanding which empowers the parties to take control of the outcome by coming to an agreement on all the issues.  The agreement can then be memorialized in writing by the mediator and signed by both parties to submit to the court for approval at judgment, which if accepted becomes a part of the divorce decree.

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