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DIY Divorce

Hello and welcome to DIY Divorce.

These tutorials are designed to provide you with procedural information to help you represent yourself in a divorce case in the family division of the Connecticut Superior Court. DIY Divorce breaks down for you into simple to understand terms the process of beginning a divorce case, what the Court requires of each self-represented party during a divorce case, and the forms and documents you will need to file and satisfy the Court’s requirements to receive a divorce decree. These tutorials are designed a-la-carte so you can pick and choose which lessons will best help you.

We’ll be using the Zoom application to share screen as we guide you through these tutorials. Please note these lessons are meant to assist those with amicable divorces. They do not take the place of hiring an attorney to represent you and your interests in your matter, particularly if your case is not an amicable one and/or there is disagreement over custody or financial division.

These tutorials and the information contained therein are not to be considered legal advice and you do not become a client of our firm by purchasing or viewing these lessons. If you would like to be considered for an attorney/client relationship with our office, you will need to undergo a vetting process – you can contact us at the information on our website to schedule a preliminary call to begin this process.

We hope these tutorials help you and ease any questions you may have about how to navigate the family court system when representing yourself during your divorce. Similar information is available on the judicial branch website and at most Court houses in the Court Services Center.

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