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Don’t Settle – Warning Signs of Bad Relationships

  Settling for a bad relationship is not healthy.  You know you’re in a bad relationship when: Warning Signs: – Your partner brings you down through words or disrespectful deeds. – You feel you have to change yourself to be with him/her. – Your partner is emotionally or financially or physically abusive. – You sacrifice and give […]

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Caution Children: The Effects of Divorce on Children

The effects of divorce on children are forever being evaluated and re-evaluated. Each child is unique, and some have the ability to manage change more effectively than others. One thing that is certain is that divorce is hard on kids, even when the divorcing couple is amicable with each other. There is a tremendous amount […]

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Connecticut Financial Affidavits Updated 2014

NEW FORMS: JD-FM-6 LONG JD-FM-6H LONG JD-FM-6 SHORT JD-FM-6H SHORT As of January 2014, the Connecticut Judicial Branch adopted updated Financial Affidavit forms for submission in family court proceedings. The new forms are JD-FM-6 Long and JD-FM-6 Short. Financial Affidavits in Connecticut must be submitted at various stages of a divorce proceeding, including pendente […]

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