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Three Emotional Benefits of Child Custody Mediation in Shelton CT

We have all seen the messy legal battles of celebrities, friends and family when custody decisions are not agreed upon.  However, there is an alternative to this traditional approach: child custody mediation in Shelton Connecticut.  For parties who want to separate in an amicable fashion and learn to co-parent in a positive manner, child custody mediation in Shelton Connecticut is a better alternative.  This process provides a number of emotional benefits for the children and parents alike, including:

Focus on Cooperation, Rather than Fighting

In litigation, both parties have attorneys who fight for their clients in order to gain an advantage in the case.  This process makes the parties adversaries, immediately pitting them against each other.  Mediation focuses on getting the parties to cooperate together with the child(ren) being the central focus.  Parties agree on a mediator with whom they are both satisfied working with and discuss options to ‘problem solve’ the issues on the table affecting decisions re child custody.  Children thrive when their parents work together for the children’s best interests.

Greater Certainty

In mediation, the parties are able to come up with an agreement of their choosing.  This characteristic often makes the parents more likely to adhere to the agreements, creating greater certainty for them and their children.  Children need predictability and stability, and a cooperative agreement helps provide these important features.

Greater Familiarity

In litigation, a judge who has had limited time and association with the parents and children makes the decisions.  In mediation, the parents retain their decision-making power.  This allows both parents to act in the best interests of the child(ren) and allows for the people who know the child(ren) best to make those very important decisions.

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