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Three Tips to Make the Most of Your Use of a Divorce Mediator in Shelton CT

Man Hand writing Mediation with marker on transparent wipe boardA divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut helps spouses who are going through a divorce to reach an amicable settlement.  The experience of using a divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut can be enhanced through the following:

Make Your Own Selection

One of the first decisions that divorcing spouses can make together is who will serve as the divorce mediator.  Divorce mediators have experience in knowing what types of issues commonly amp up heated emotions in couples and what solutions have worked for other couples to temper down any hot button issues.

Openly Discuss Your Concerns and Interests

The mediator guides the conversation between the parties, making a safe environment for them to be able to communicate openly.  Each party can communicate either privately with the mediator or in a joint session.  This allows the party to freely express concerns and underlying interests.  By having this information, the mediator will have a better understanding of both parties’ positions and be able to recommend possible solutions.  At the same time, he or she can communicate information about what the best alternative to a mediated agreement in the parties’ jurisdiction may look like so that they have a better understanding about the possible rulings that a court would have on the issues.

Hire a Lawyer Who Supports Mediation

Some parties are able to divorce without the assistance of an attorney.  However, many want to be sure that their rights are protected and will want to hire their own lawyer.  A lawyer may be used to review the mediation agreement and to ensure that the party understands his or her rights throughout the mediation process.  It is critical that this attorney supports the mediation process so that he or she does not hinder it.

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