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Using the Internet in Your Fairfield County Divorce Case

Using the Internet in Your Fairfield County Divorce Case


Between the World Wide Web, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, it sometimes seems as if practically the whole world can be accessed in minutes via our smartphones. While there are frustrating gaps, sometimes due to the proprietary nature of some vital or especially interesting information, and other times even because of the very fact of information overload, neglecting the power of the Internet can put you at a serious disadvantage in your divorce case.

We recommend that our clients use the Internet to familiarize themselves not only with legal issues that might be pertinent to their cases, but also as a means to explore and understand better what they know about the family financial situation, and how that might be affected in a divorce.

Learning about what other people did in similar situations can be very helpful in helping you avoid their mistakes and imitating successful strategies.  But be mindful that if your marriage is breaking down your spouse could be watching your every move, and advances in technology have made that snooping easier.

Many married couples share or know each other’s email passwords, cellphone login numbers, and other similarly personal things that are locked against outsiders, such as safe combinations, bank account numbers and PINs, storage unit keys, etc. Many people become inured to spying long before their case reaches divorce court. They listen to their spouse’s voicemails, check on financial transactions, read private emails, record telephone conversations with their spouses, install hidden video cameras in their home or office, and even hire private eyes to follow their spouses around town, hoping by such means to uncover financial, adulterous or criminal behavior that could be used in court.

It should be clear from the foregoing that while some snooping into a spouse’s affairs may be justifiable and quite legal, there is a point at which you can cross a red line that could well result in damage to your case, and could even incur criminal penalties.

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