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Virtual Divorce Mediation

Virtual Divorce Mediation

Virtual Divorce Mediation


As people become more comfortable with handling business meetings using Zoom, Skype, Face Time or other apps conveniently available on their phones or laptops, it is only natural that Silicon Valley divorce mediators rushed out to offer virtual divorce mediation, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

While this is not the standard modus operandi in Connecticut at Hirsch Legal, LLC, we understand that social-distancing and other safety restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic limit the ability to meet in person.  Therefore, we are equipped and happy to accommodate clients seeking to conducting mediations in this manner. Even in a standard divorce suit, opposing lawyers spend a great deal of time on the phone with their clients and with the lawyers for the opposing party.

Beyond the obvious advantage of maintaining social distancing during the current pandemic, there are many other reasons why people might prefer tele-divorce mediation over face-to-face negotiations. When you are not in the same room with the person you are divorcing, it may be easier to make dispassionate decisions about asset division and custody issues.

Scheduling mediation sessions may also be easier when there is no requirement or logistical/travel restrictions forcing all parties to be in the same room. For example, you can still participate in mediation when your wife’s business requires her to be onsite at the company’s factory in Shanghai, or your husband has decided to move back in with his parents in Montana until the process is over.

At Hirsch Legal, LLC, our priority is ensuring that your legal rights are protected, no matter what roadblocks or issues arise. Our principal attorney, Carmina Hirsch, is a veteran in the mediation and divorce arena,and eager to assist you through this process. When you hire us as legal counsel, review counsel/legal coach, or as a mediator, we will do our level best to ensure that any divorce settlement reached is fair and in your best interests.

We are based in Shelton, Connecticut, and serve clients in New Haven and throughout Fairfield County (Bridgeport, Danbury, Trumbull, Waterbury, Milford). If you are looking for experienced legal advice in a divorce, mediation, or Family Court matter, we are ready to help.


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