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What to Look for in a Divorce Mediator in Shelton CT

A divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut represents neither party.  However, he or she strives to get the parties to agree to solutions to their legal issues.  By working together, the parties benefit by being able to resolve their divorce with less time and expense.  They can also work on fostering a new relationship as co-parents or simply as friends.  However, a key ingredient to their success is based on the divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut they select.  Some key characteristics to look for include:

Family Experience

The mediator is dealing with family issues, so it is important that he or she knows how to work on cases involving families – different personalities family members bring to the table, crisis issues they may be facing, underlying biases and fears they may harbor.  Often, parties select someone who has experience as a family law attorney or judge.  The individual selected should be someone familiar with and who can work through complicated family dynamics.

Satisfied Clients

It is important that the family mediator you choose is someone who has successfully handled mediation in the past.  A mediator should be able to provide contact information for former clients who would not mind speaking about their experience in a general fashion, such as to talk about the mediator’s approach and how he or she was able to help resolve a legal issue to the party’s satisfaction.

Holistic Approach

A mediator should be able to look at the whole picture and be able to help guide the parties toward settling each and every issue and resolving every decision that needs to be made in their divorce

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