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Why a Prenuptial Agreement in Shelton CT Is a Necessity for Some Marriages

Prenuptial agreements have a bad reputation because they can appear on the surface that one spouse does not trust that the marriage will last.  However, for many marriages, especially second marriages or later, prenuptial agreements in Shelton Connecticut can be essential to protect both spouses and their children or other heirs.

For many couples, prenuptial agreements serve as an essential estate planning tool.  If a party to a marriage has children from a former marriage, they may want their assets go to their children when they pass on.  Prenuptial agreements can be one way that a spouse can ensure that their children are taken care of.  Prenuptial agreements are also a way that a spouse can relinquishan interest in a spouse’s estate, meaning that children of the spouse’s former marriage and their decedents will be able to keep the estate in the family for generations to come.

Additionally, prenuptial agreements can be used when it comes to couples wanting to make sure that separate property is treated as separate in the event the marriage dissolves later, something that can be especially useful for small business owners who started their business before the marriage.

If your spouse approaches you to sign a prenuptial agreement, the initial reaction is understandably an emotional one.  Instead of falling prey to emotions, take a step back and think about the ways a prenuptial agreement can be a benefit, to your spouse and to you, as you also have the opportunity to negotiate and include terms in the body of the document.

Absolutely it’s crucial to hire an attorney to represent your interests and negotiate with your spouse’s attorney.  Attorneys who are adept at prenuptial agreements in Shelton Connecticut can assist you.

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