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Why Should I Consider Using a Divorce Mediator in Shelton CT?

DivorceA divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut is a third-party neutral who can help parties reach their own divorce settlement with or without the help of legal counsel.  A divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut is not a judge or arbitrator, so he or she does not have the power to impose a decision on the divorce case.  However, he or she can play a critical role in helping the parties resolve their legal issues.

There are many advantages of using mediation, especially in divorce cases.  Mediation can often be resolved much faster than litigation, decreasing the amount of time that the parties have to dig in their heels and become adversaries, as well as allowing the parties to move on with their lives faster.

Mediation often helps avoid expensive litigation costs.  Additionally, mediation is a more peaceful alternative to litigation.  The parties can communicate on a more personal level and help craft an agreement that works for their particular schedules, needs and preferences.

If the parties will have to deal with each other after the divorce because they have children or work in the same business, mediators can set the tone for future interactions.  Parties often feel relieved after a successful mediation, knowing that they were able to come up with their own agreement.  Mediation provides them with a template to use for interactions going forward, establishing a positive relationship in the process.

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