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Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation in Shelton CT

Married couples seeking a divorce should give serious consideration to divorce mediation as a non-adversarial way to go through the divorce process and obtain a judgment of divorce in family court in Connecticut. Divorce mediation for parties near Shelton CT can be less time consuming, less costly and a less contentious alternative to divorce litigation. Because mediation is a non-adversarial process, an environment is created where divorcing couples can feel safe and comfortable, allowing both parties to take charge of their lives and decide on a good plan for the future that is often times more effective and creative for the parties than a solution a court may be able to impose.

Divorce mediation has increasingly become more popular with statistics showing high success rates in reaching an agreement.Couples who opt for divorce mediation tend to resolve their issues in substantially less time and spend significantly less money than is typical in a litigated divorce. Further, divorcing couples who mediate are also significantly more likely to be satisfied with their experience compared to couples who completed an adversarial divorce process, evenin cases where the parties were at first pessimistic about the prospects of reaching an agreement because prior attempts at settlement had reached impasse.

Mediated divorce agreements tend to be more comprehensive and work better than litigated judgments after trial, since the parties themselves work co-operatively with the assistance of a trained divorce mediator to arrive at the agreement. Couples pursuing divorce mediation in Shelton CTstill retain the right to hire attorneys and review counsel, financial professionals and accountants, mental health professionals, etc., and to proceed with litigation if no agreement is reached, so divorcing couples really having nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying divorce mediation.

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