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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Divorce Mediator in Westport CT Sooner Rather Than Later

Many people may not realize that there is an effective way to settle many of the issues surrounding their divorce, without going to court.  Through hiring a divorce mediator in Westport Connecticut, divorcing spouses can work together, with the aid of a mediator, so that they can come to a settlement agreement for the many divorce issues they must address – such as property division, alimony, child custody and visitation, and more.  With the aid of a divorce mediator in Westport Connecticut, a divorcing couple can cut down on the amount of time and legal costs that would normally come about through traditional litigation.

Mediation is not just limited to settling a divorce case once that case is on the trial track.  In fact, a couple could participate in mediation and hire a divorce mediator before a case is even filed.  Through settling issues relating to uncoupling the spouses, a couple going through a divorce can cut down on the amount of drama and legal fees that would normally be associated with the divorce litigation model.  The result could be a more emotionally satisfying resolution that both parties can feel good about and would be willing to stick to.

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