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Zoom Divorce?

Zoom Divorce?


As more people become comfortable working from home, the Zoom app has become a feature of daily life in Connecticut. With the family courts closed for all but matters deemed essential, such as restraining orders, there has been rampant speculation that Zoom or other virtual divorce options may be coming to a courthouse near you.

Although it seems incredible that the judicial branch would be eager to adopt a technology that has the effect of diminishing the formality conveyed by a courtroom setting, health and safety are paramount considerations for all of us during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many parties, attorneys, and judges may initially resist this trend, but at Hirsch Legal, LLC, we welcome ingenuity and the utilization of various options to keep our clients´ cases moving forward.  We are well prepared if Zoom or other virtual courtroom options are adapted for a time so as to minimize exposing our clients and our counterparts to a deadly virus.

Our principal attorney, Carmina Hirsch, is an avid proponent of adapting to new technologies as an efficient tool in serving her clients. Her effectiveness as a communicator and advocate is undiminished regardless of venue or mode of expression.

Despite the public’s image of lawyers as verbal prestidigitators who enjoy the thrill of rapid-fire legalese repartee, much of what happens during a divorce case is based on the savvy application of legal knowledge to a concrete set of facts that must be presented effectively to the Court. This often means that writing ability is as important as seat-of-the-pants thinking on your feet during in-court appearances. At Hirsch Legal, LLC, our work is grounded in solid legal research and long experience in the Connecticut divorce courts.

From our offices in Shelton, Connecticut, Hirsch Legal, LLC serves clients in New Haven and throughout Fairfield County, Bridgeport, Trumbull, Danbury, Waterbury, Milford. When you need legal advice and/or capable representation in a divorce or family law matter, we are here for you!

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