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Approaching F.E.A.R. in Divorce Mediation in Shelton CT

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One of the many benefits of divorce mediation in Shelton Connecticut is that parties will unravel the many causes underlying their dispute.  In so doing, the mediator will point out the F.E.A.R. advantages to choosing divorce mediation in Shelton Connecticut versus litigating your divorce, which stand for:



Divorce can be a financially crippling process.  When the parties are behaving in a contentious manner toward each other, the costs of the divorce process increase dramatically.  Mediation can help the parties resolve their matter for much less money and prevent post-divorce litigation.



Divorce is also a very emotional process.  When parties hide behind their attack dog lawyers, they may lob destructive accusations and demands at each other.  Mediation helps the parties to maintain a cooperative spirit and to work together toward mutual goals.  At the same time, mediators address the emotional aspects of divorce in a safe environment without passing judgment on the participants.



In contested divorce cases, the parties may on the eve of trial receive a proposal for settlement agreement after months of bitter fighting and negotiating.  The time to review and work through all possible glitches may be minimal.  In mediation, the parties have a chance to work through the issues that they are encountering step by step, because they will have been working to perfect the settlement terms throughout the mediation process.  This allows parties the ability to carefully consider and analyze each potential solution and the advantages and disadvantages well in advance of impending deadlines.



Divorce cases are not always fueled by rational expectations or beliefs.  Additionally, third parties like family members, friends, and others may give additional input that may confuse you or provide you with unrealistic expectations and bad information.  Mediation increases the likelihood that parties can engage in rational and reasoned discussions regarding the dissolution of their marriage.

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