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Issues concerning family, including custody battles, financial concerns regarding child support, spousal support (alimony), and the division of the marital estate in divorce proceedings, can have enormous impact on your life and the lives of your children. During our initial consultation, we will work with you to identify reasonable aims; and once we are retained, we will work to our utmost to achieve a fair and reasonable resolution of your legal issues. Our breadth of experience and empathy for your family will support you and guide you each step of the way.

Confronting legal issues in an adversarial situation in family court can be extremely vexing for people who are not versed in the law. Similarly, lack of knowledge of state laws and procedures may create difficulties even when you are acting from the best of motives in trying to negotiate a settlement. We stand behind our clients, guiding you each step of the way to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible in stressful or legally complex situations.

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Filing for divorce, or being served with a divorce proceeding, is often an emotionally difficult situation for families, even in the most amicable of circumstances. Divorce can mean financial asset and debt allocation, division of real estate and personal property, changes to where you or your children reside, and creating a plan for the custody and parenting access/visitation of your children that have long term implications. Many divorcing couples in New Haven and Fairfield County have high net worth estates and complicated financial or business structures that require sophisticated discovery tools and vetting to ensure the parties know the full value of all that exists in the marital estate when negotiating a settlement or preparing for a hearing or trial.

To navigate these difficult waters successfully, you need a legal advisor who can help prepare your court documents, strategize your negotiating position, advocate on your behalf, and prepare your case for trial should a negotiated settlement not be reached.

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People enter into marriage with varying expectations. When these expectations are not met, whether because of inappropriate or deceitful behavior, or because of other issues unrelated to the character of your spouse, your decision to seek a divorce may come as a shock to your spouse, even when he/she knows things aren’t going as well as they should be. Losing a spouse through divorce can be as painful as the death of a family member or close friend.

Your spouse may react to a divorce in various ways - e.g digging his/her head in the sand and not cooperating with the process at all, or alternatively behaving in an overly aggressive manner. Your spouse's poor conduct may necessitate the use of intensive litigation tools.

We often describe the divorce process to clients as a 'winding up' of a business, where you must inventory what exists before you can determine what you want to do with it. If the emotions are running high and your spouse is behaving poorly, pendente lite motions, intensive discovery processes, and requests for orders may be necessary to ensure he/she plays by the rules.

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In many jurisdictions, just about anyone can hang a shingle and offer services as a divorce mediator without having had any experience or training whatsoever. The most competent authorities on divorce mediation recommend hiring a mediator or Review Counsel for mediation who is experienced and knowledgeable in this nuanced area.

With over 14 years of experience, Attorney Carmina Hirsch continues to provide mediation services to the community and serves as Review Counsel for clients already in the mediation process looking for limited representation when they need it. Prior to law school, Carmina worked for an alternative dispute resolution agency (Mediation Matters) in New York, where she became certified in mediation, mediated cases in family, civil, and non-violent criminal matters, taught mediation and conflict resolution skills for mediation certification trainings, and managed the family programs, including issues regarding divorce, alimony, asset and debt allocation, real property and personal property distribution, child custody and visitation, and child support. Carmina also served as a Mediation Specialist for the Connecticut Judicial Branch, and was supervisor for the Stamford team.

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