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When people going through a divorce come to our office, they are often in personal pain. It’s the kind of pain that can make dealing with complex legal questions even more difficult. They need to know that they have a New Haven and upper Fairfield County divorce lawyer that combines a sharp grasp of the law with an iron will when it comes to client advocacy. Here at Hirsch Legal, LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering exactly that kind of strong, empowering leadership.

We cover all of New Haven and upper Fairfield County divorce and family law matters, including cases from the town of Trumbull, Monroe, Milford, and Oxford. Clients come to us because they need someone who will listen to them, advocate for their concerns in court and during settlement negotiations, and are prepared to fight to get a fair and equitable outcome. Call the office at (203) 769-7388 or fill out our online contact form to set up a consultation.

Issues in a Connecticut Divorce Settlement

Every couple will have different issues to work out, but they generally fall into three broad legal categories. 

Property Division

Connecticut law calls for equitable distribution of property. Two points must be emphasized. The first is that equitable does not mean 50/50. It might end up that way, but “equitable” is an intangible term that leaves considerable discretion in the hands of a judge. Moreover, unlike other states, Connecticut allows for all joint and separate property—that which a spouse owned exclusively prior to marriage—to be placed into the pot to be considered for equitable distribution. 

The broad discretion a judge has in the event of a litigated divorce can make the role of a New Haven and upper Fairfield County divorce attorney even more important. When the stakes are high, the persuasive power of legal presentation can become even more critical. Witness testimony, documentary evidence, and impeachment material, has to be diligently gathered and powerfully presented at trial. That’s what Hirsch Legal, LLC aims to deliver to clients in each and every case


The purpose of alimony is to provide a lower income earning spouse with a stream of income to help until they get back on their own two feet. Unlike child support, there are no “alimony guidelines” parties or a judge can look to when determining alimony amount and duration. Therefore, statute and case law play a big part in this critical issue.

Courts will consider the length of the marriage, occupation and station of each party, health issues, sacrifices made by the economically disadvantaged spouse (i.e., devoting their time to raising children or caring for elderly parents), among other important considerations when analyzing how much alimony to award and for how long. Here again, the diligence and advocacy efforts of New Haven and upper Fairfield County divorce lawyer can make a difference. 

Child Custody & Support

The court has two different decisions to make regarding custody issues. The first is to determine legal custody of a child and the second is to determine physical custody of the child. They are distinct issues that must be adjudicated appropriately taking the child’s best interests into consideration. In both areas of custody, courts can choose between sole custody and joint custody. 

Sole legal custody means one parent has the ability to make decisions regarding the child’s health, education, and religious upbringing, while sole physical custody means that a child primarily lives with one parent versus the other. 

In the case of joint legal custody, both parents must confer and consult with each other before making unilateral decisions regarding health, education and religion. A joint physical custody arrangement can look different on a case by case basis.

Regardless of which legal or physical custodial arrangement the court chooses, a judge will issue child support orders including out of pocket medical and unreimbursed daycare costs in accordance with the child support guidelines.

To speak with an experienced New Haven divorce lawyer, contact us online or give us a call today. 

Justice in Your Hands

All of these subjects are more than just arcane legal issues. They’re existential in the lives of our clients and how they are resolved in the settlement will go a long way towards determining a person’s quality of life moving forward. That’s why we make sure we educate our clients on what’s happening. We empower them to be active participants in the process. And we fight for their best interests. 

Call Hirsch Legal, LLC today at (203) 769-7388 or contact us online today. 

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